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Payday Loans No Credit Check

Payday Loans No Credit Check

Much of the basis of the pay day loan were based on traditional recipes Kim and I grew up on. The challenge was to make it palatable to unfamiliar taste buds, while also retaining the authenticity of the recipes, all in a convenient to eat form. We simply did not know what we were doing, but we worked tirelessly trying to fix a sinking ship.

Every single day, we discussed what pay day loan were pay day loan the biggest mistakes, and focused intently pay day loan addressing those issues. I truly believe that it was that drive to endlessly improve, tirelessly innovate, and shamelessly admit our faults that led us to where we are today.

Has it been a smooth road. Running any business is difficult, but owning a restaurant is probably the hardest among them. Although the list can be exhaustive, for us, the biggest challenges were employee management and workflow. We realized early on that regardless of how many customers we serve a day, we could not make money unless we had an efficient workflow.

That meant having to constantly streamline our process, review vendors and make purchases accordingly. The right employees will return more than their worth in gold, but the challenge is to find those employees, and harder yet, to figure out how to retain them on a tight profit margin. We are a Vietnamese restaurant specializing in delivering healthy cooked to order food, quickly and conveniently.

We stand apart not only because of the quality of the food, but the ability to deliver that promise consistently, and with the best customer service possible. Lotus is known for their banh mi sandwiches served on daily baked baguettes, intensely flavorful and unique meats that cannot be found anywhere in the city. There are other banh mi shops, but none that deliver the freshness that Lotus promises. We are most proud of the way Lotus is operated.

We treat workers and customers alike, with respect and dignity. We have almost zero food wastage, as our cook to order process prevents any meats from sitting out longer than a few minutes before serving.

Efficiency is our addiction, and one day, we hope to achieve that goal. Like most Chicagoans, we like to complain about our city, mostly the high taxes and those darn parking tickets. But one trip to any other place in the US and we start to miss Chicago. Kim Dao is a recent graduate of UIC, and saw an opportunity in the area for a Vietnamese staple "Just a few things but we want to make it the best.

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